Those Seen Dancing's unique and timeless silhouettes have been adored by our customers since 2017, and have recently been recognized by the following media outlets.

Modern Luxury Hawaiʻi

"Shoppers can choose from their most popular swimwear for tanning, the Mega triangle top and Keys sliding string bottom...But if you’re looking to make a statement, Shibuya suggests her standout, the Martini one-piece.

'I love that I can offer a high-quality swimwear brand that is responsibly made so that our customers can feel great about wearing it on the inside, and out,' she says.

'My focus for the brand is to uplift the values that are important to me such as authenticity and sustainability in fashion, and I love that this aligns with the lifestyle in Hawai‘i.'"


"Designers from around the world flocked to [Miami, FL] to present their latest creations in swimwear and resort collections, marking the must-have pieces of the summer 2023 season.

[Those Seen Dancing was invited by] Flying Solo, the largest platform in the United States for independent brands and new talent in fashion design..."

MidWeek Hawaiʻi

"A lifelong obsession with bikinis paid off for the Honolulu native, who started her brand, Those Seen Dancing, in 2017. Shibuya, who holds an environmental science degree, is proud to design each piece herself, and works directly with a small production team to ensure the suits are original and ethically made..."

Modeled by Tatyana Kahaulelio and Chien Jardine-Winter.

Fashion Week Online

Those Seen Dancing made its Miami Swim Week debut as one of the emerging designers in the Flying Solo Runway Show, giving a glimpse into the next generation of talent in the swimwear industry.

Those Seen Dancing’s runway looks reflected the designer’s Hawaii roots with a gorgeous array of colorful prints and skin-baring silhouettes featured on talent from a range of sizes and ethnicities. The vibrant collection served up tropical energy as the stunning swimwear pieces were complimented by dainty and elegant handmade gold jewelry by Meredith Ashley Jewelry.

Salon International de la Lingerie

"You would be hard-pressed to find a location as suitable for producing swimwear as Honolulu, the colourful capital of Hawaii. It is here where you will find Those Seen Dancing, a boutique swimwear label that creates elevated swim staples in unique, minimalistic silhouettes using a range of sustainable fabrics.

The brand is deeply inspired by its home city, offering a distinctive combination of understated tropical glamour with a modern edge..."

Those Seen Dancing Swimwear press release on Salon International de la Lingerie news

ET Online

"There are so many amazing Asian-American and Pacific Islander-owned brands to buy from, especially small businesses -- from family-owned companies to self-made, entrepreneurial ventures -- that prioritize quality over quantity. Many AAPI-founded brands bring communities closer together, while simultaneously supporting non-profit organizations...

Because of the founder's degree and background in environmental science, Those Seen Dancing takes on an eco-friendly approach to creating its products."

Digital Journal

“'As a designer, it’s easy to get caught up in chasing trends as well as trying to create styles that will please everybody. Today the market is hyper-saturated with brands that all offer styles that are more or less the same and use big factories that can pump out production in the blink of an eye. I still want to be a brand that uses creativity and brings different and exciting ideas to the table.'

A brand loved by customers is without a doubt the key driver behind the success of Those Seen Dancing. But an important note has to be made to the ethical nature of how her business is run...Shibuya has built a brand that not only provides a world-class product, but a brand that puts ethics at the top of their list of priorities."