Those Seen Dancing's unique and timeless silhouettes have been adored by our customers since 2017, and have recently been recognized by the following media outlets.

"There are so many amazing Asian-American and Pacific Islander-owned brands to buy from, especially small businesses -- from family-owned companies to self-made, entrepreneurial ventures -- that prioritize quality over quantity. Many AAPI-founded brands bring communities closer together, while simultaneously supporting non-profit organizations. Whether you're shopping for a Lunar New Year gift (celebrations officially start today, Feb. 1), a Valentine's Day gift or something new for yourself, there are several AAPI-founded brands with exceptional products to consider. . ."

- ET Online

“. . .'As a designer, it’s easy to get caught up in chasing trends as well as trying to create styles that will please everybody. Today the market is hyper-saturated with brands that all offer styles that are more or less the same and use big factories that can pump out production in the blink of an eye. I still want to be a brand that uses creativity and brings different and exciting ideas to the table.'

A brand loved by customers is without a doubt the key driver behind the success of Those Seen Dancing. But an important note has to be made to the ethical nature of how her business is run. . ."

- Suncoast News Network