The Brand

"And Those Who Were Seen Dancing
Were Thought To Be Insane
By Those Who Could Not Hear The Music"




THOSE SEEN DANCING is a swimwear label born on the beaches of O'ahu, Hawai'i, USA.


THOSE SEEN DANCING is inspired by dynamic, confident females who have the power to wear what they want when they want—and aren’t afraid to show some skin. THOSE SEEN DANCING embodies a balance of edgy and feminine, modern and classic, with the understanding that it isn't about the bikini she’s wearing, but rather how she feels wearing it.


The idea for the brand began in the late 2000’s when founder Keari Shibuya found her passion and obsession in collecting Brazilian bikinis while growing up on the beaches of the island of O'ahu, where she became an expert on swimwear style and quality with her unique attention to detail. A decade later, she brought THOSE SEEN DANCING to life, offering a collection of modern swimwear essentials thoughtfully designed to be effortlessly versatile and styled in as many unique ways as the women who wear them. Ethically made on the island of Bali, Indonesia with an undeniable love for quality, comfort, and style.

Our Mission

At THOSE SEEN DANCING we want women to feel bold, confident, and sexy wearing our suits.
We want to inspire women to live beautiful and meaningful lives.
We want women to be confident in their own skin,
which sometimes means breaking out of their comfort zone.


We hope our pieces inspire you to live the life you've always imagined,


And remind you to always listen for the music.






*The quote above is widely credited to philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche; however, substantive evidence has not been identified proving Nietzsche used this expression. Based on current evidence the statement’s origin seems to be anonymous, although the general idea of the saying has a long history. Read more at