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"I received my suit today, and I have to tell you, it's amazing. It's seriously the first two-piece swimsuit (Fury top + Haiku bottom) that I have felt good in since I had kids! Thank you so much. . .I am already ready to order more."
- Jana L., May 2021


"You guys are A M A Z I N G and so is my new bikini!! Soooo in love I left work early to come home and try it out! You guys I am so thankful for you!! I will be placing a second order asap! Can't wait to hit the beach the next days and take photos! M A H A L O ! 🙏🏼😍🌹💕✨"
- Natalia @nataliaaddimando, May 2021


"I just received mine. It may be slightly risqué for some...but I 💙 it!!"
- Lisa L. @lisalinh203, May 2021


"Received your swimsuits today!!! Absolutely love them! Great quality and they fit perfectly! They make me feel good."
- Janet E., April 2021


"I bought a bathing suit from you guys after a tattoo artist I love did a pattern for your suits...I love that you had that collaboration, but I really loved how your suit made me feel. I've always been a bit more reserved in my swimwear choices but what you designed makes me feel sexy, bold, secure, and frankly, badass...I'll continue to purchase from you and recommend your products, thanks for what you do."
- Caroline W., February 2021


"This is my favorite suit!! First time ordering from you and it's been amazing!💯 I will have to tag my suit in my pics!💎"
- @lanaleilanii, September 2020


"My new favorite suit! (Geisha top + Oiran bottom in Empress) The color just pops on my skin and I love the fit.❤️"
- Amber A. @amberabara, August 2020


"Check out this 👙 line if you want the most comfortable suits in the whole 🌏. I have 75+ suits (🤦🏽‍♀️) & I gravitate towards one of these every time. ✨"
- Lauren G. @laurenagaran, August 2020


"Literally the BEST suit EVER! (Hana top + Haiku bottom) It's so buttery and hugs in all the right places. Can't wait to get it in the Tsunami color"
- @thelocalgirlcollective, August 2020


"I'm so obsessed!! Everything fits beautifully and feels so nice on! And looks even cuter! I can't wait to get in the sun ☀️ will def be ordering more! Mahalo Nui for everything you guys do."
- Kayla F. @alovegarden, July 2020


"Out of all the pieces we shot, this suit was BY FAR my favorite!! So incredible." (Geisha top + Oiran bottom) 
- Dana F. @danafelt, July 2020


"I love your suits so much. They always make me feel the best. Thank you!"
- Rebecca S., July 2020


"This is my fave top so I had to share!" (Fury top) 
- Sarah K., July 2020


"They are perfection. I’m very impressed with the style and quality of materials. Can’t wait to wear them!"
- Christine T., June 2020


"[My bikini] just arrived and I'm obsessed! The blue is phenomenal! The color is amazing and loving the style too."
- Leanne C., May 2020


"I love your guys suits! They make me feel so beautiful & sexy even with a big pregnant belly!"
- Zoe C., May 2020


"I am not kidding when I say you're my favorite brand 🙌"
- Devan M., May 2020


"I love the [Hana top and Haiku bottom], I need to add them to my Those Seen Dancing collection. I've been wearing my Those Seen Dancing suits and don't wanna go to anything else!"
- Lauren W., May 2020


"Love love love. Def gonna get more of these bottoms when I can (Moana bottoms). The cut is EVERYTHING. I love that they don't get weird and bunched up if I wear them higher up!...They're my fav!"
- Ka Nani A., May 2020


"I never wore a top (Fury top) that made my boobies look so damn good!"
- Kacie L., March 2020


"I absolutely love my new suit! The print, fit, and construction are amazing and I love what your brand stands for. Please continue to make more japanese-inspired prints. It's so beautiful!"
- Allie S., February 2020


"Thank you so much! You’ve been so helpful and wonderful, this experience has been great. I wanted to let you know that I heard about you from my friend, and she was telling me about how accommodating you were to help her find the right fit bathing suit. Once I heard that, not only did I fall for your designs, I felt that I could ask you for help if I needed any! 
I can’t thank you enough for all the help you’ve given me!! And I’ll definitely be looking forward to your new collections as they come! :)"
- Anastasiya N., December 2019


"Thank you!!!...your suit is my fav ever, seriously 💕💕"
- Camryn H. @xoxcaam, June 2019


"3 reasons why I love Those Seen Dancing suits:
1. The fit is perfection 😵🙌🏿👌🏿
2. Comfortable, soft, eco/ribbed vibes also make me feel like they are durable
3. When I wear your bikinis I feel so sexy and confident! 🖤🖤🖤🖤"
- Alyssa V., March 2019


"I bought 2 bikinis and a one-piece from you and they are amazing! Just tried them on and loved them!!!! thank you so much for your help!"
- Carmela S., March 2019


"I absolutely love your brand! I actually just moved from Honolulu to Las Vegas and cannot wait to order some more amazing bikinis from you for pool party season!"
- Sara S., January 2019


"I love Those Seen Dancing! It is the most comfortable swimwear and makes me feel super sexy 💞"
- Yazmin C., December 2018


"I love my new swimsuit! I tried it on as soon as I got it, couldn’t wait 😁 and it fit so well. Excited to wear it more and get some cute pics in it!"
- Keyiah M., November 2018


"I love the suit so much, the color and quality is even more beautiful than I had imagined!!"
- Caroline R., July 2018


"I LOVE my suit! It fits SO well :). . . def. will purchase more :)"
- Alyssa D., July 2018


"I'm really looking forward to wearing my new one piece! Love the minimalist pieces your brand makes."
- Chloe B., February 2018


"Super adorable and digging the fabric 😍 thank you!!"
- Miku K., February 2018